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Tags: picture editor, instagram, information, impact, share, picture gallery, filter, picture
Data Included: Split PSD
Software application Variation: iphone 8.1.x, iphone 8.3.x, iphone 8.2.x, iphone 10.0.x, iphone 8.4.x, iphone 9.0.x, iOS 8.0.x
Last Update: 26 May 17
Suitable With: Swift
Created: 11 October 14



 May 13th 2017
u2022 Added the following code at the end of the ‘filterButtTapped()’ approach in ImageEditor.swift, in order to avoid image rotation after applying a filter on pictures taken from cam:
let originalOrientation = filteredImage.image!. imageOrientation.
let originalScale = filteredImage.image!. scale.
filteredImage.image = UIImage( cgImage: filteredImageRef!, scale: originalScale, positioning: originalOrientation).

Mar 9th 2017.
u2022 Updated to Xcode 8.2.1.
u2022 Altered the App Icon.
u2022 Updated GoogleMobileAds.framework and its loved one code in ImageEditor.swift.

FILTERS is an Universal app written in Swift that showcases 39 personalized iOS filters (from Apple CoreImage Filters), it’s simple customize as well as the included pdf Individual Guide explains the best ways to modify or add a brand-new filter to it. You can also share your modified picture to social networks or Mail as well as Message.

CRUCIAL: I can use free assistance for insects experienced in the initial code. Rather, if you’ve edited the code as well as messed something up with it, I may use some fee to fix it either using TeamViewer or by inspecting your app task files straight on my computer.

FILTERS is an indigenous XCode task, Storyboard, Swift, really easy to tailor, it works with Apple Core Picture filters.

Required an html design template to advertise and also showcase your own version of this application?

XCode 8.x task– Swift– 64bit.
Universal– Storyboard– iOS 8/9/10+.
AdMob banners.
Easy to Personalize.
Functions with Apple CoreImage Filters.

Break images from Personalized Cam Controller– Choose pictures from Library.
Share Photos to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp and also SMS.

Apple Mac with its newest OS variation mounted.
The most recent variation of Xcode as well as some understanding about its UI user interface.
Photoshop or any kind of various other picture editor software application.
An Apple Developer account to submit applications to the App Store.
An AdMob account to generate your own banner SYSTEM ID.

Have enjoyable with FILTERS, and also always remember to price it on your Downloads page!

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