Find The Pair – One Hour Reskin – iOS 10 and Swift 3 ready

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Produced: 2 November 16
Suitable With: Swift
Software application Version: iphone 10.0.x
Tags: level system, admob, in app acquisitions, iphone7 plus, app template, rebeloper, game facility, cheap, iphone7, fastest reskin, ios10, ipad pro, no ads, best code, addictive.
Documents Included:. m, Layered PNG,. h.
Last Update: 2 November 16.



 Updated for iOS10 and also Swift 3!!! Now supports Fyber! “Memory Koo” is now “Find the Set”! The solitary hardest component of a reskin organisation is, recognizing, what source code to acquire.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT make use of words “memory” in your application name. Apple will deny it due to copyright. Discussion below: … FEATURED BY APPLE!!! Food– Matching Game Download it from the Application Shop: SHOWCASED BY APPLE, AGAIN!!! iMatch– a card flipping game Download it from the App Store:
Coded in Cocos2D with SpriteBuilder– the leading engine for iphone indie games Written in Swift– state hello to the brand-new programming language for iOS iOS10 prepared– accepting the power of the very best OS on mobile 64 bit supported– constantly as much as date with Apple’s requirements iPhone7, iPhone7 And also as well as iPad Pro ready– beautiful on all tools.
AdMob Banner– leading banner throughout the whole video game Chartboost Interstitials– full display advertisements with Ads Frequency feature Supersonic Interstitials– full display ads with Ads regularity function Fyber Interstitials– complete display ads with Advertisements frequency feature Game Center Leaderboard– rank, challenge as well as share your ideal score Rating System– wise score powered by iRate No Ads In App Purchase– improve your earnings.

Addicting gameplay. See the video below:
The best ways to configuration and also reskin.
Only 29 images to reskin. Easiest reskin ever! When including the Level System you will certainly have just 15 images to reskin.
Adjustment Log.
4.0.0– (21.09.2016).
u2022 Upgraded to iOS 10 and also Swift 3– this variation will run only in Xcode 8+.
3.2.0– (14.12.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Added Fyber (documents transformed: GameData.plist, RebeloperKitMini.swift, AppDelegate.m, Info.plist, Bridging-Header. h; included files: fyber-sdk-lib, FyberCocos2dHelper.h/. corelocation.framework, m and mediaplayer.framework).

3.1.4– (15.11.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Added a “A lot more Games” button to the Key Menu Screen (data altered: MainMenu.ccb, MainMenu.swift, WorldContainer.ccb, WorldContainer.swift) Better Advertisements logic: if no Chartboost is offered compared to a SupersonicAds ad is shown (if available) and also vice-versa (documents changed: RebeloperKitMini.swift, GameData.plist).

3.1.3– (02.11.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Upgraded SupersonicAds (6.3.4) (framework transformed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Supersonic. framework) Upgraded Google AdMob SDK (7.5.2) (structure changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/AdMob/ GoogleMobileAds.framework) Upgraded Chartboost SDK (6.0.1) (framework transformed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Charboost. framework; files changed: AppDelegate.m– line 46, Bridging-Header. h– line 26) Updated Documents to 1.3 (small typos).

3.1.2– (13.10.2015)– CRITICAL.
Updated Supersonic Advertisements SDK to v. 6.3.2. (structure changed: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Supersonic. In order to make sure un-interrupted assistance for Supersonic Ad distribution throughout all Arbitration Networks, it was vital to make the following modifications in your info.plist: 1.

3.1.1– (05.10.2015)– CRITICAL.
dealt with crash when attempting to share on iPad (documents altered: RootViewControllerInterface.m).

3.1.0– (21.09.2015)– CRITICAL.
Changed photos Altered name.

3.0.0– (16.09.2015)– CRITICAL.
Upgraded to iOS9.

2.2.1– (21.08.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Added SupersonicAds (6.3.0) Updated Google AdMob SDK (7.4.1) Upgraded Chartboost SDK (5.5.3).

2.2.0– (15.08.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Added Time out Panel (and also capability) to Gameplay.

2.1.0– (06.08.2015)– CRITICAL.
Included a lot more Chartboost Interstitial ads (data altered: WorldContainer.swift, MissionCompletedScene.swift) Set collision after intending to play non existing degree 34 (documents altered: MissionCompletedScene.ccb, MissionCompletedScene.swift).

2.0.0– (30.07.2015)– CRITICAL.
Removed Localizations Removed Kamcord Included Share button to Game Over scene Added Level System Changed style Developed “Arrangement” folder to simplify general configuration Moved “Acknowledgment message” established into SetMeUp.swift Included choice to hide “Much more Gamings” switch Changed Icons as well as Default images.

1.1.1– (23.05.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Repaired Sound On/Off not behaving as it should.

1.1.0– (13.04.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Added Localization.

1.0.5– (10.04.2015)– CRITICAL.
Updated RebeloperKitMini to v. 1.0.8 to support Swift 1.2 Updated AdMob structure to v. 7.1.0 Updated Chartboodt structure to v. 5.1.5 Updated Cocos2d to v. 3.4.9.

1.0.4– (05.04.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Included advertisements to the Video game Over scene.

1.0.3– (27.03.2015)– CRITICAL.
Dealt with pest when Chartboost ads were still turning up after the customer has actually acquired the “No Ads” In App Acquisition (RebeloperKitMini updated to v. 1.0.7.).

1.0.2– (25.03.2015)– CRITICAL.
Dealt with automated Price Popup insect.

1.0.1– (24.03.2015)– OPTIONAL.
Updated RebeloperKitMini to v 1.0.6 (AdMob).

1.0.0– (23.03.2015).
Initial Launch.

Updated for iOS10 as well as Swift 3!!! Currently supports Fyber! Added Fyber (files altered: GameData.plist, RebeloperKitMini.swift, AppDelegate.m, Info.plist, Bridging-Header. Updated SupersonicAds (6.3.4) (framework altered: RebeloperKitMini/ThirdPartyLibsAndFrameworks/Supersonic. Upgraded Supersonic Advertisements SDK to v. 6.3.2. In order to ensure un-interrupted support for Supersonic Advertisement shipment throughout all Arbitration Networks, it was essential to make the complying with modifications in your info.plist: 1.

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