Fight For Survival – HTML5 Game (.capx)

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Tags: internet game, battle, dolphin, mobile, capx, html5 game, touch, blood, attack, construct2, action, mobile video game, survival, insane
Compatible Internet browsers: Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox.
High Resolution: Yes.
Created: 15 December 16.
Data Consisted of: HTML, JavaScript JSON, JavaScript JS.
Last Update: 15 December 16.
Software program Variation: Construct 2, HTML5.



 Exactly what is Defend Survival?
So straightforward! Attempt to play. The video game is about the birth of the little dolphin.

Life support– is really crucial on the Planet. In this game you can help to create a new life in the initial part. You will meet a new animal in the 2nd component. This pet is highly intelligent aquatic animal.

Each component is independent! You can delete the very first part of the game or the second component. That there are not a problem, all the variables are various.
As well as of course, any aid from me.

Enjoy the video game!
Thank you for interest.


The video game deal with most popular browsers;
Easy export to Android as well as IOS systems;
Really very easy personalization, reskin
Consisting of Constuct 2 documents (. capx).

Data consists of.

Task file Construct 2.
All Pictures.
HTML5 game.

Thanks for your purchase! All the best.

The video game is about the birth of the little dolphin.

In this video game you can assist to develop a new life in the very first part. You will certainly satisfy a new pet in the second component. Each component is independent! You could remove the very first part of the game or the 2nd component.

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