FedDed – Style Kit for the Layers Framework

Official price: 8$ | Demo link


High Resolution: Yes
Created: 15 December 16
Suitable Browsers: IE11, IE10, IE9.
Data Included: CSS, XML, JavaScript JSON.
Last Update: 15 December 16.
Tags: stylikit, eat, innovative, layers, one web page, cafe, wordpress, scin, receptive.



 FedDed– intuitive and easy for the individual layout. Perfect for presenting a coffee shop or restaurant.
Built especially for layers.


3 Preset Layouts
Easy as well as enjoyable style that is ideal for posting information about a cafe or dining establishment
Easy to Utilize
Easy to Customize
Developed with Layers WordPress Motif

Recommended Plugins:
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Credit reports:

Photos made use of in this design kit where developed using totally free sources acquired from:

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