FATS: Force Adblock To Stop

Price: 8$ | Demo


Documents Consisted of: PHP, JavaScript JS
Created: 26 December 13
Tags: unhide, banner, ads, detect, popup, adblock, very easy, lock, material, disable, jquery, php, hide, unlock
Last Update: 24 February 14
Software program Version: PHP 5.x, PHP 4.x



This is the PHP Manuscript variation of FATS: Force Adblock To Quit WordPress Plugin:

Easily conceal partial or every one of your premium content from your users that using AdBlock or Adblocking software application. Just add 4 lines of code to your web page and it will automatically hide your content without any difficulty.

Your premium content will be concealed up until user shut off AdBlock. Content will stay concealed if customer shut down cookie or javascript. Hide all or partial material from your page.

My script might not work ideal inside cached web pages.
If you are utilizing cache system (plugin, CDN, cloudflare, etc), you might have to minimize the cached time on your web pages to under 1 minutes. The reduced, the better. However once again, my script had not been made to sustain caching. Establishing the cache’s update period to the minimum might offer you the preferred outcome yet it will certainly still provide incorrect detection for visitors that asking for a very same message at the same time. With any luck with lots of web content that you could have, the incorrect detection ratio is not visible.

In close to future I will certainly produce one more variation of my manuscript that support cached system.

Most current Updates
variation 1.6– Feb 24, 2014

repaired bug in Cookies with subdirectory

version 1.5– Jan 5, 2014

added car redirect page after showing message
paperwork updated

version 1.4– Jan 1, 2014

added jquery popup message option
added javascript popup message alternative
documents updated

version 1.3– Dec 29, 2013

included new approach to find adblock
included assistance for adsense’s simultaneous and asynchronous method
documentation updated

variation 1.2– Dec 27, 2013

included disabled cookie detection in customer’s web browser
included impaired javascript detection in individual’s browser
documentation updated

variation 1.1– Dec 25, 2013

deal with a XSS susceptability
revise documents

version 1– Dec 24, 2013

preliminary release

Requirements PHP 5. xx (older variation could function however they have actually not been checked). Fundamental understanding on the best ways to compose in PHP.

{Inserting FAtS To Your Code

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