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 Quick Backup is a method of tool to backup data and also recover information in android. Utilizing app you could backup your SMS, Application, Call, Bookmark and also Call log in SD Card, Gmail or Cloud Shop application to prolong your memory space.
Take Back-up and Free your crucial area. If whenever backup information require to easy action to recover it.

Back-up Style:

TEXT, Book mark, Call log in.xml File
Application in.apk File
Contact in.vcf Documents


Back-up And Restore All Data Without Lose
Shop Backup in SD Card, Gmail and Any Cloud Shop
Program Backup Info
Easy to Recover
Basic Step to Backup and also Bring back
Assistance SMS Bring back in 4.4 + Version
Materiel Style
Run-time Permission added


Google Play Link:- Download

What You Obtain:

Full Android Source Code With Library (Android Studio Resource Code).
Full File with Screen Shot It includes detail explanation concerning re-branding an application.

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