Farm Animals – Kids Learning Memory Game

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: HTML5, Construct 2



 Regarding the Game:

Ranch Animals– Children Knowing Memory Game

In this memory game, you need to match cards with photos of different ranch animals with each other. There are 3 troubles (Easy, Normal and also Difficult) plus a Learning mode. In each problem, you have to match all the cards to end up the level and in learning setting, you could freely pick every bird that you desire and hear their names.

The best ways to Play:
For playing this video game, you could use touch in smart phones as well as mouse in computer system.


” HTML5 game
” Sustains touch
” Works on all HTML5 browsers
” Can be used in mobile phones & & sites” Easy to individualize the game’s appearance” Easy to customize the video game’s sounds” Includes Construct 2 project documents” Made with Construct 2″ Auto-resize (Responsive).

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In this memory game, you have to match cards with photos of different ranch pets with each other. There are 3 difficulties (Easy, Normal and also Tough) plus a Learning setting. In each difficulty, you have to match all the cards to complete the level as well as in discovering setting, you can freely select every bird that you desire and hear their names.

Auto-resize (Receptive).

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