Download nulled 5 HTML5 pixel-games Bundle (capx) copy

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Documents Consisted of: Split PSD, HTML.
Software application Version: Construct 2.
Tags: constuct2, pixelart, video game, platformer, arbitrary jogger, html5, arbitrary, music, felines, jogger, castle, capx, pixel.
Compatible Browsers: Opera, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, IE11.
Produced: 10 November 16.
Last Update: 10 November 16.



 All games were made with Construct2 video game engine. You require to have one to edit them– every game has an insrtuction how to do it.
All games made utilizing Construct 2 game engine, so you require Consruct 2 personal or bussines license to modife.capx documents. Simply change them if only change/edit photos.

Here are all the games:

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