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: 16 April 16.



 Pure CSS3 preloaders with functionality to add “LOADING …” text listed below preloader. That is why it is a smoother, lightweight, faster and also very easy to make use of product which provides you great and also new kind of preloaders for your website packing display. It presents a filling animation up until the web browser fetched the whole web material of your web page.

Easy installation

Pure Css3 Preloaders

55 Preloaders

Retina Friendly

Easy to modify

Aid document consisted of

Free Updates

Friendly Support



Version 1.3 (16 April 2016).

1) Added a new Preloader.
2) Improvement in documentation data help.html.

Variation 1.2 (7 January 2016).

1) Included a performance to consist of “Filling …” text listed below the preloader.
2) Enhancement in Standard Preloaders – Pure CSS3 50 Preloaders css preloader.css data.
3) Renovation in documents documents help.html.

Variation 1.1 (8 December 2015).
– Added Four Xmas unique preloaders included.

Variation 1.0 (26 November 2015).
– First Release.

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