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Last Update: 11 December 16
Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Chrome
Produced: 16 January 15
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Start accepting orders for 3D printing today!

The Operations
Your clients:

Select regional STL file
See immediate 3D display. No upload needed!
Specify 3D printing preferences
Specifiy their e-mail address
Add a short message note for you

At some point, you send them a quotation for making the uploaded things.

+ you will obtain:
Free updates to this plugin permanently
See Attributes in Following Version area at the base.

High Resolution 3D Visitor
Supported 3D Formats

STL Binary

Interactive display

Lovely overlay guidelines screen
Frying pan
Touch display assistance!

3D Publish Order Customizer

Material Selection
Shade Selection
A Note to you– The Printer Man

Watch Trial Video:
3D Printing Pipeline

Impressive Product Companions

Exactly how a lot does this Thing price?
3D Printing Prices quote

What does it cost? does this Thing weigh?
Volume/ Weight Calculator

Which box size should I ship this Thing in?
Bounding Box Calculator

What does it cost? is the area to be coated/ finished/ layered?
3D Area Calculator

Start you 3D printing business– one email at a time.
Delighted 3D Printing Online!


1. Sustains making of OBJ 3D designs.

1. Present a default 3D version in the viewer prior to individual selects a model. viewer.setParameter(” SceneUrl”, “<< stl data path>>”).

1. ARTICLE trainer.
2. File uploader.

Present a default 3D version in the viewer before user picks a design.

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