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 . obj
u2022 Use your own 3D-Models in the format.stl
u2022 Change the Atmosphere for each and every Design: Reflection|Shade|Photo.
u2022 Configure the design template designs for each and every Visitor Web page.
u2022 Quick 3D-Graphics with WebGL, html5 and the Three.js Engine.
u2022 Sustained languages: English, German, Chinese.

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Update in Version 1.8.6:.
– Dealt with some tiny mistakes as well as problems.
-. mtl Material for Background Versions currently filled.
– Switch for Background image fixed.
– Transparency dealt with when Ocean or Mirror floor packed.
– Fullscreen feature for Iphone dealt with.
– Video camera step with best computer mouse included: Design template/ Setup.
Update in Variation 1.8.5:.
– Three.js upgrade to variation 81.
– Loader upgraded: dae, obj & & mtl, stl.
– New 3D-File style included:. fbx (with animation function).
– New 2D-File style added:. dds.
– Material functions rectified.
– New QubeMaps (Skyboxes) added.
Update in Variation 1.8.4:.
– Frontend Layout revised.
– Layout css enhance.
– Bug in the Tag search feature eliminated.
– Zoom trouble for mobiles eliminated.
Update in Version 1.8.3:.
– Electronic camera controls: now 180 u00b0 up- down rotation.
– Camera controls: look left- right to version.
– Woocommerce frontend theme enhanced.
Update in Version 1.8.2:.
– Problem in the Design template Title removed.
– Problem in the Theme Woocommerce infos got rid of.
– CSS for Frontend enhance.
– CSS for Backend boosted.
– Backend Food selection enhanced.
– Insect for Link with HTTPS:// gotten rid of.
– Loading Mistake in some Style eliminated.
– Filling bar for the Backend rectified.
– Function for multi languages added.
– Feature for Update information added.
– Chinese languag included.
– Paperwork revised.
Update in Version 1.8.1:.
– Back-Arrow for the tag bar repaired.
– Minor Css-Bug for the Slider got rid of.
– Insect for loading of the History photo repaired.
– Code speed up and also enhance improved.
– Features for the categorys improved.
– Categorys selection for the template added.
Update in Variation 1.8.0:.
– Individual documents Upload functions now compleat.
– Email to Admin after individual upload added.
– Older thumbnail Galerie got rid of.
– New thumbnail slider added for the frontend (template).
– Text area for “Wellcome information” as well as work added.
– Access for message areas in “XYZ” corrected.
– Php-Code for frontend/ template optimize.
– Css-Code for frontend/ template maximize.
– Some pests as well as problems removed.
Update in Version 1.7.7:.
– Fixed a scaling issue with crammed sub design.
– Insect in product loader dealt with for transparency and also representation.
– Admin-Menu/ Atmosphere: improved and icon option included.
– Admin-Menu: X|Y|Z: Reset function added.
– Repaired a visuals concern, when a background picture utilized.
– Light collections changed as well as enhanced.
– Floor maps included and boosted.
– Better reflection map added.
Update in Version 1.7.5:.
– Eliminate numerous insects that crashed the model loading (Gray overlay in the backend).
– Sup design pest removed.
– New function implemented to put a 2nd Design in the background.
– Switch for the theme contributed to switch vehicle rotation on/ off.
– Auto-Thumbnail feature as well as switch added (Screenshot from the 3D-Window).
Update in Variation 1.7.3:.
– Css changed and also maximize.
– Get rid of a glitch for the thumbnail gallery.
– cleaning and also optimize Javascript.
– Gotten rid of format issues with some styles.
– Zoom-Limit function included: Design template/ 3D-Window.
Update in Variation 1.7.2:.
– Css optimize.
– Remove litte Bugs ahead- and Dashboard-functions.
– cleanup Javascript.
– Loader for the.dae layout upgraded.
– Computer animation functions for the.dae style added.
Update in Version 1.7.0:.
– Quantity calculation for.stl Designs included Menu “Design Setup”.
– Css/Js-Code maximize.
– “Flooring” for the 3D-Window included.
– Shadow in Light Establishes enhanced.
– “Helper” for Darkness light added.
– Sea Sets boosted.
– Template menu: Computer mouse control removed.
– “Automobile version turning” relocated to design template food selection “3D-Window”.
– Menu format enhanced.
Update in Version 1.6.8:.
– Layout pest for FrontEnd/ Information pannel eliminated.
Update in Version 1.6.7:.
– Beginning Error fixed for rarer PHP web server setups.
– CSS in Bootstrap customized for Canvasio3D.
– CSS for the frontend enhance.
– Format for the Buttons in the Frontend altered.
– Upload Error for the history image removed.
– Packing error fixed when all versions entrances were deleted.
Update in Variation 1.6.5:.
– far better theme integration.
– code optimize.
– start problem for the backend fixed.
– css layout issue solved.
– assistance function integriert.
Update in Variation 1.6.3:.
– Loading of bootstrap remedied [fontend|backend]- Pest for the upload Switch in the fronend got rid of.
– Ajax-Loading problem got rid of.
– CSS for the frontend rectified.
– Loading mistake for the backend menu fixed.
Update in Variation 1.6.2:.
– Html-Glitches in the Frontend-Layout eliminated.
– Reaction- and loading time enhanced.
– Code optimized.
– Bug for “Auto-Zoom” eliminated.
– Switch-Error for Thumbnail-Boxen eliminated.
– Format glitch after loading for Mobile removed.
– CSS for the Frontend modified.
Update in Version 1.5.8:.
– New Function included: Zip-File/ 3D-Model Upload on Visiter-Page possible.
– New Function added: Zip-File Upload in the Canvasio3DPro-Menu for 3D-Models.
– New Function included: Item Auto-Zoom.
– PHP-/ Javascript-Code enhance.
– Some CSS/ Design and also Shade problems removed.
– PHP-Installation Mistake addressed.
Update in Version 1.5.5:.
– New assimilation of the much better WordPress Media Supervisor.
– Css for FrontEnd and also BackEnd optimized.
– WooCommerce Details included, if 2 Designs in the 3D-Window filled.
– Much better side assimilation for the 3D-Window in the FrondEnd.
– Unusual PHP-loading Error fixed.
Significant Update in Version 1.5.0:.
– Numerous CSS insects taken care of.
– New documents developed.
– Online Paperwork integratet.
– New Feature to incorporate Designs.
– Tag Filter Added.
– Model-Informations Added.
– Admin-Roles/ Individual Included.
– Funktions for Image-Boxen have actually been changed.
– Main Functions for Model-Loader changed.
– Model-Loader full revised.dae (Collada).
– Frontend Design for a Info-Box added.
– Backend Menus changed.
Variation 1.1.0:.
– Crash-Handling for damaged 3D-Files included.
– Mistakes in the Dashboard-Menu eliminated (Buttons/ Buttons).
Variation 1.0.8:.
– Background-Glitch in the Dashboard-Menu removed.
– Loader Feature enhanced.
– CSS for the frontend optimized.
– Title-Box for the frontend optimized.
– Function: “File not found” added.
– Add new function: shows Object-ID in the LINK (Address-Bar).
– Computer animation can currently used in.dae (Collada).
Version 1.0.7:.
– Update to Three.js 71.
– Fixed: Graphic problem in Dashboard-Menu.
– Repaired: Full Display Switch Error.
– Dealt with: PHP Mistake in older Php-Version.
– Dealt with: Loading Mistake in some Mobile Gadgets.
– New: Different Ocean-/ Water-Backgrounds.
Version 1.0.5:.
– Function added: Menu Buttons for the Front-/ Visitor web page.
– Feature added: Fullscreen for the Visitor page.
– Code maximize: Javascript|CSS.
Variation 1.0.4:.
– Bug removed: incorrect setup was packed for “shine”.
Version 1.0.3:.
– Bug Eliminated in PHP-Script.
– Include a brand-new Reflection-Set “Rainbow”.
– Include brand-new 3D-Format:. dae (Collada).

Show your Versions in the supported formats:. u2022 Use your very own 3D-Models in the format.stl |. u2022 3D-Models upload with the WordPress Media supervisor. u2022 Change your Versions with Canvasio3DPro in your Control panel.
Z: Reset feature added.

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